About Us

Dental Lab Gold Millenium Limited started operations in 2010. Our mission is to work for those  doctors and patients who demand the best.

 Our main focus is health and family dental care.  For this we provide prosthesis that cover missing teeth and protect the natural teeth remaining in the mouth of each patient.

We build and do all construction of prosthesis, fixed and removable like :  REPAIRS while you wait ,denture, bridges, crowns, Cad cam Technology  Emax Press , Flexible denture etc. All in the dental line.

We are one of the biggest labs in Trinidad and Tobago that can offer the latest technology for patients and dentists alike. 

Dental Lab Gold Millenium also sell raw materials to labs and dentist in others countries .

80% of Dental Lab Gold Millenium's raw materials is foreign  like Ivoclar, Noritake, 3 M, Sirona Valplast and others. 20% is local.


Directors :

1. Henry Aguilera  

Henry Aguilera is a qualified dental technician, graduating in Los Proceres Maracay – Venezuela 12 years ago. Simposium  Conference  in Colombia, USA and Germany.

2. Patricia de Aquilera

Patricia de Aguilera  Manager of Business